ROTJ Speeder Bike - Complete in Tri-Logo Moto Jet Box


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I am speeder bike collector because I love all the box variations. It was sold all over the world in tons of box variations (plus you find boxes from one country with price stickers from another country). I love this MOTO JET boxed variation. 

First off, it's a tri-logo box featuring English, French and Spanish. Tri-logo packaging was sold throughout Europe and there were 3 major speeder bike variations. This one has the MOTO JET writing on the box. It's also a made in Spain variant with scarred COO and black ejector button. 

Speeder Bike is complete with rear flaps and all other parts, blow up mechanism works perfectly. Includes box, speeder, plastic tray (small hole, see pics) and tri-logo instructions. All parts and packaging match the COO of the speeder.

Please see detailed pictures for condition

100% authentic vintage Star Wars. No repro ever.

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