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Do you sell reproduction accessories? Is everything authentic?

4th Moon only sells authentic vintage items. No reproduction ever.


Do you buy vintage Star Wars items and/or collections?

YES! I'm always looking to purchase collections or individual items to add to the store. Whether you are in Canada, the US or anywhere else and want to sell your Star Wars stuff, I'd be happy to have a look and make an offer. I'll cover any shipping costs.

I'm especially interested in foreign items from Japan, Mexico, the UK and Europe. Please get in touch if you're from these areas and have access to vintage items.


I have a bunch of old Star Wars stuff, what's it worth?

I'd be happy to have a look and give you an honest appraisal - even if you're not looking to sell right now. Use the contact form and we'll go from there.


Do you sell modern Star Wars items?

Nope, only stuff from 1977 to 1986.


I live in the UK, Europe, Australia or New Zealand. Can you mark it as gift or put a low value on it for customs?

I have to put the true value, including shipping, on each package. Our software doesn’t allow us to fudge this. UPDATE - We are currently only shipping to the US, Canada, AUS, NZ and the UK. I'm sorry, but too many customers don't understand their local import laws and shipping timelines are bonkers.


Are there any customs charges for shipments to Canada?

No, I ship directly from Toronto using Canada Post calculated shipping rates. You'll be given options from Canada Post based on the weight of the package.


If I'm in the US do I need to worry about customs then?

No, almost all US orders are shipped via USPS. I use a freight-forwarder that delivers packages directly to a USPS sorting facility in Niagara Falls, NY. This often means faster shipping than if it came from the US.


Do you sell on eBay?

Kinda, but not that much. Here's a link to my eBay page

If you see something on the eBay page and can't find it here, use the contact form to get in touch - I will sell it for less to you directly.