OPC Return of the Jedi Series 1 Sealed Pack - Luke Jedi


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Unopened O-PEE-Chee wax pack of cards, and stale gum, from Return of the Jedi. O-PEE-CHEE was the Canadian licensee for Topps trading cards and only released this series for ROTJ (Topps had a series 2). There are 4 variations of the ROTJ pack: Luke Jedi, WIcket, Vader and Jabba the Hutt.

These packs are C9 with unbroken gum

Grading Scale - (This is not a PSA or similar scale. Grades are based on any deterioration since leaving the factory. Factory issues like alignment and folds are not taken into consideration. Packs will be selected at random when you order)

C9 - Unbroken gum piece and mint package

C8 - Broken gum piece and excellent package or unbroken gum and some wear

C7 - May have broken gum, some wear to outside of pack

C5/C6 - Broken gum and wear, may have small tears on corners

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John Mete

Packs were I great shape