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Iconic Boba Fett in all his 12 inch glory with box. Also known as Large Size Action Figures, these are NOT dolls! ok?

Boba Fett is a tough one to find complete and in nice shape. This bounty hunter is complete with all his accessories including Wookie scalps, cape, blaster and jet pack (including the string, full rocket, strong clips and loop, side jets). 

Box displays nicely with original window held in place well. Missing cardboard insert and one flap has been taped (see last pic).

Fun Fact: You can look through the back of Boba's helmet.

All Kenner Star Wars vehicles, playsets and parts are original vintage, no repro.

Please see detailed pictures for condition

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Customer Reviews

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Nick Ferrell
My pal Bob Afett

What a toy! What a guy!

I used to think that I understood what love was. I thought that I knew how true happiness felt. But that was before this absolutely gorgeous bounty hunter showed up and upended everything that I thought I knew about life.

My life is now demarcated into two major epochs: before Bob and after Bob. Thank you, 4th Moon for making this possible. Nothing will ever be the same now that Bob is here.