Acrylic Case for Vintage Collection 3 Packs

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These acrylic cases perfectly fit Hasbro's Vintage Collection Special Action Figure Set 3 packs of 3.75" figures including:

  • 501st Legion Arc Troopers 3-pack
  • Doctor Aphra Comic Set 3-pack
  • Cave of Evil (Luke, Yoda, Vader) 3-pack
  • Villains Set 3-pack
  • Hero Set 3-pack
  • Rebel Set 3-pack
  • Droid Set 3-pack
  • Imperial Forces ESB 3-pack
  • Luke Skywalker Jedi Destiny Set 3-pack

The original, vintage Kenner 3-packs from 1970's and 80's are slightly smaller than the modern Hasbro versions. The Kenner 3-packs should fit into these cases but will have some extra space.

These cases are a great way to protect and show off your 3-packs:

  • 95% UV Protection
  • Archival safe acrylic
  • Easy slide removable bottom 
  • Smooth, rounded edges
  • Polished edges prevent rubbing 

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